May I visit my child during the day?
Absolutely! Feel free to stop in at lunchtime, playtime, anytime!

How will I know what is happening during my child’s day?
You are always welcome to visit or call during the day, and when you pick up your child, you will receive a Daily Activity Report. Your child’s teacher will note how long he/she napped, what portion of his/her lunch was eaten and how well he/she is doing with his/her potty-training. His/her teacher will also describe all of the fun activities that your son/daughter and his/her friends participated in, and there will always be a little note from teacher to parent regarding a special moment of the day.

How flexible are School programs?
You may choose the schedule that works best for your child. Children can come to the Academy for either a half-day or a full-day, or to either before- and/or after-school program.

How will I know that my child is safe while I am at work?
Visitors are required to present identification and register in Visitor Logs. Alternate caregivers, authorized by children’s parents, must present identification and password information.

Will my child be challenged academically? I want to know that he/she is prepared for elementary school.
Yes. The Academy uses the Creative Curriculum. We think the best academic preparation is to encourage your child’s enthusiasm for learning. Our curriculum is focused on developing and nurturing the individual

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needs of each child.

Do children go outside every day?
Yes, it is an extension of the classroom.  Weather permitting, children play outside every day!

What security measures are taken when releasing children?
Parents are assigned a 5-digit code for admission to the classroom area.
With a parent or guardian’s permission only, a child may be released to an alternate caregiver who presents two forms of identification (one must be a picture ID).

Are Field Trips a part of your Curriculum?
Yes, some field trips will happen right on site while others will be off site.

What is the difference between a daycare center and a Development Academy?
A high-quality child care and preschool program will provide your family with consistent, reliable child care and will employ qualified staff to implement a structured curriculum in a spotless, secure facility. You can evaluate an educational program by asking to see lesson plans, observing classroom activities, and interviewing program staff.